Volunteer callout: Western Australia

We are in need of additional volunteer visitor guides and overnight shipkeepers  for our upcoming port visits in Western Australia.  No experience is necessary and full training is provided. If you are interested, we’d love to hear from you.

Port dates
Fremantle: 14 Oct – 1 Nov 2011
Bunbury: 9 – 13 Nov 2011
Albany: 14 – 18 Jan 2012

As a guide you will share the history of this great vessel with the visitors onboard Endeavour. Don’t worry – you will be provided information packs and training! You’ll be surprised how much you’ll learn after a day onboard Endeavour!

If sleeping in a hammock is more your style, you may like to take on the role of overnight shipkeeper. In a small team you will be responsible for keeping Endeavour safe while in port. Previous maritime experience not necessary and training is provided.

Here’s a piece of advice from a Shane Trimby,  Endeavour volunteer in Cairns:

Just do it. You will love it, the crew will help you with your knowledge of the Endeavour and it will be something that you will never regret doing.”

Read a full interview with Shane and also Kit Edwards, who volunteered as a guide and shipkeeper in Darwin.

Complete an online volunteer application today or contact the museum’s volunteer office for more information on email  volsoffice@anmm.gov.au or fax (02) 9298 3729 or phone (02) 9298 3777.

4 thoughts on “Volunteer callout: Western Australia

  1. Come on WA, this is a great opportunity to experience just what the crew of the Endeavour went through to discover Australia etc… By volunteering you will learn so much and will be able to pass this knowledge onto your friends and family plus you will make some friends on board. If the Endeavour comes back to Cairns i will be the firsf to volunteer again…


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