Elysium Antarctic Visual Epic – opens 13 April

Antarctica, a place I dream of exploring, but like so many of us, it seems so out of reach. That’s why I can’t wait to for the exhibition Elysium Antarctic Visual Epic to open at the museum this Saturday.

Photo of man in icy water

Videographer braves below-zero waters, Danco Island. Steve Jones/ElysiumEpic.org

The exhibition follows a team of 57 explorers from 18 countries that set out on a unique scientific and artistic expedition to Antarctica in 2010 to document the environment and record any evidence of climate change.

Photo of huge icebergs in water

Table Mountain, Antarctic Sound, Andreas Jaschek/ ElysiumEpic.org

A spectacular photographic exhibition, Elysium presents the icy landscape and magnificent wildlife – seals, penguin colonies and micro-organisms – that make up the ecosystem of the Antarctic.

Photo of

Antarctic krill, Michael AW

The amazing photographs are dramatic, playful and absolutely beautiful. They are captured by a world award winning team of photographers, including Michael AW, David Doubilet, Jennifer Hayes, Andreas Jaschek, Steve Jones, Amos Nachoum and Jenny E Ross.

Group of penguins on icy landscape

Adelie penguins, Petermann Island, Michael AW

I hope you can make it along to experience this extraordinary exhibition.
Elysium Antarctic Visual Epic opens this Saturday 13 April and runs until 3 November.

During the school holidays there are a number of related events for children:

  • Kids on Deck – Amazing Antarctic: 14 – 28 April
  • Cabinet of Curiosities – Weird Science: 14 – 28 April
  • Free Antarctic film marathon: 14 April
  • Antarctic storytelling: 15 – 18, 20, 23, 24, 28 April
  • South Pole critters Claymation: 18 or 24 April

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